Dear Sir or Madam,

testimonialsJust wanted to take a minute and recognize one of your sales staff for what I would call an outstanding job well done that differentiates your company from the 100’s that serve the Montgomery, Texas or greater Houston area. Her name is Lynn Crum.

Let me start by sharing I have relocated several times for work (6) and it usually is never a pleasant experience no matter how well planned out or prepared you are. In my case this time it was a very short notice call to duty, upon arriving to the Houston area I began looking online for a place near Lake Conroe as I am an avid fisherman (when time permits!) and desired to be near the water as opposed to my office in The Woodlands.

I saw a few properties listed on a website and with your office as the listing agency, called and Lynn answered the phone in a very cheerful professional manner and asked me a few pertinent questions and said she would get back with me. She called back within the hour and had several options for us to go look at.

Leaving that Monday for business travel, Lynn said travel safe and I will talk to the agents and  get things rolling for your return later in the week. Upon my return Lynn had set up second walk thru visits and had all paperwork ready to make offers based on a few follow up phone conversations during my travel. I made my choice, we made the offer, and the deal was in place. All I had left to do was show up at your office and sign some paperwork with the seller’s agent of which Lynn had coordinated flawlessly despite my challenging schedule. From the entire front end work right thru to helping with my movers she was committed to making this move painless for me and I can truly say that it was actually a pleasure! She even had all the utility, cable, boat marinas, and related service company information all ready for me to move in.

Customer service is a huge part of my daily work life and it is what really separates one company from another when you are operating in the same channel, Lynn Crum in my mind exemplified what great customer service is all about, made my transition to Houston a pleasant one, I will recommend Lynn and your company to all that I can and hope that her efforts are appreciated and recognized by your organization.

Hoping I won’t need a realtor anytime soon-but if I do, I know who I’ll call……….Thanks for your time.

B. Hughes
Regional Director of Sales

Lynn is a very caring and dedicated person.

She made this experience as easy as she could for me. There are so many details and options to consider and she made sure that all aspects were followed up on.

Lynn took great care of me and expertly guided me through this difficult process. She is a very caring and detail oriented person.

I am so glad that providence put us together, it could not have been a better match for me.

B. West

I would like to give a testimonial of Ms. Lynn Crum.

…. The house was of course perfect, and of course we had competition for the house. The owner was leaning towards another prospective renter that did not have animals and did not have a house in another state hanging over their head.

Ms. Crum took it upon herself to write a letter to the owner determined to convince the owner that my family were the right people to rent his house to.

Ms. Crum praised my family and our characters as if she knew us for a lifetime. She pleaded with the owner and convinced him to allow us to rent his home and have our family pet as well.

I will never forget the kindness Ms. Crum showed my family, and once we are in the position to buy a home, which may be soon because we received an offer on my house in Louisiana, I will definitely look to Ms. Crum to help us find our future home here in Texas.

Anytime I hear of someone who is looking to buy or rent, I always recommend Ms. Crum because I know she is the best, most considerate realtor I have ever met.

I cannot relate in mere words how wonderful of a person she is, and it is nice to know that there are people who truly care about others in the world today.

I. Dejoie

Lynn Crum is what would exemplify everything someone would need in a real estate agent.

Not only did you take my personal considerations into heavy account, she also connected with me on a very personal level to help make sure I was comfortable with the housing.

She radiates a friendly personality and an amazing professional level of knowledge about the homes she is showing from beginning to end.

I am glad to say not only is she a real estate agent I would recommend, she is also someone I would recommend as a friend.

-C. Havens