Why do I need a Real Estate Agent?

    • Education and Experience
      Buying or selling a home is not something that’s done on a regular basis. You can’t know all the questions that should be asked. You need someone you can trust who is current with the ever changing rules and regulations.
    • Agents are buffers
      Again, buying or selling a home can be a full time job. Running interference and bringing only valid offers or properties that meet your criteria will save you a lot of time and frustration.
    • Neighborhood knowledge
      Working with a realtor who actually lives in your targeted area is a real advantage. They’re more often an active part of the community and take pride in what they can offer to the area.
    • Price guidance based on comparables
      Selling or purchase price is based on a number of variables. Property values can vary from one neighborhood to another. A qualified realtor can explain why.
    • Market conditions information
      Over the past few years, market conditions have fluctuated wildly. Your realtor has access to the best market analysis in your target area.
    • Negotiation skills and confidentiality
      Each realtor represents their client to the best of their ability. That includes negotiating the best possible price whether you are buying or selling a property. The trust you’ve put into working with a specific realtor is taken very seriously and any discussion is held in the highest confidence.
    • Handling volumes of paperwork with expertise and answering questions with authority
      The paperwork needed to close on a property can be formidable. A qualified, trusted realtor is willing to walk you through everything step and step and answer any and all of your questions regardless of the time.
    • Following up after closing
      A trusted realtor, will not get you through the sale or purchase closing then leave you to fend for yourself. Your realtor should be a intrical part of the community and be able to help you through the ‘settling in’ process.
    • By Texas Law a Realtor must provide:
      • Fidelity
      • Integrity
      • Competency

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